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Jan. 15th, 2017

lizziebelle: (sherlock)
I went out last night with some girlfriends, for the first time in ages. I really should do that more often. My typical Saturday night is spent in front of the telly or with my nose in a book.

We started out at the Rail Trail Flatbread Pizza place, which I hadn't been to yet. It's a popular spot, and is credited with beginning the revival of downtown Hudson. We ended up not getting pizza, but instead nibbled on appetizers and sipped lovely craft cocktails and cider. There was much giggling, and two of our lot explaining how to brew hard cider at home to the waitress was very entertaining. I'm pretty sure she's going to give it a try.

We then crossed the street to New City Microcreamery, which is owned by the Rail Trail folks. Instead of getting in line for ice cream, however, we headed to the back and flicked on a light switch by a door. A little door in the wall popped open, a man asked us how many, and then closed again. Then the door opened and we were ushered in, past a black velvet curtain, to an authentic-looking speakeasy. Lots of dark wood, low lighting, and U-shaped booths lined the long, narrow place. We ordered more apps and craft cocktails, and enjoyed the ambiance. I had a frozen grasshopper, half dessert and half cocktail. All delicious.


They made it like New City makes their ice cream: with liquid nitrogen. While waiting for the restroom, I watched the bartender make another frozen drink in the KitchenAid mixer; fog billowed out of the bowl while the mixer whirled. It was really cool, both literally and figuratively. Next time, I want to try the frozen Old Fashioned.

Next Saturday, I'm planning to go into Boston for the Women's March. D.C. is not doable for me, but a bunch of local friends are planning to go, so we'll all take the train in together. I want there to be a huge turnout, everywhere there is a March happening. This is historic. We can't let the Nazis get away with it. Yes, IMO it's that dire. The stuff that the GOP is pulling is positively fascist. I cannot understand how anyone could vote for any of them. I truly fear the ending of our Union as we know it.

Before the revolution, however, I'm really looking forward to the season finale of Sherlock. OMG this season has been intense! I will likely go see it again in the theatre this week. Such an amazing show.

How was your weekend?

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