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Mar. 5th, 2017

lizziebelle: (fox)
As I knew it would, winter has returned. At least this time it didn't bring more snow with it, just bitter cold. After the very mild temperatures last week, it feels even colder. I never even left the house yesterday, I just stayed cocooned in my apartment.

Earlier this week, the daffodils in front of my office gave us a tease of spring blossoms.


We'll need a few more warm days before those buds bloom.

The most exciting thing from my week was the release of Doctor Strange on disc. It was my first Blu-Ray purchase. I have to say it was just as enjoyable the second time, and the extras were a lot of fun. Definitely my favorite Marvel flick so far.


Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my dad's passing. It seems unbelievable that it's been that long. I often think about him, especially when I see a movie or TV show that I know he'd like. I wish he could've seen his granddaughter grow up. He'd be so proud of her. She was the light of his life. I wish she could've had more time with him, like I had with my grandfather. Life is so short, and it goes by so quickly.

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