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almost over

Nov. 5th, 2016 08:27 am
lizziebelle: (artsy me)

There is still some color left, but more and more trees are bare now, ready for winter. I'm trying to get out every day to enjoy what's left of autumn before it's all gone.


I went to see "Doctor Strange" on Thursday night. They had a secret screening a day early, so I got to beat the weekend crowds. I absolutely loved it! I had high expectations, and they weren't let down. I even didn't mind (much) that Benedict had an American accent in it. He was fantastic, just perfect for that role. Everyone in it was great. I will probably see it again in the theatre, and buy it when it comes out on DVD. Such a treat, especially after being disappointed in the last couple of Marvel movies.


I start a new job on Monday, and I'm both nervous and excited. It's for a web services company, which is right up my alley (much more so than the last couple of gigs). I worked really hard to get it, too; in addition to the phone and in-person interviews, I had to do a couple of test calls so they could hear my phone manner and pitch style. I really hope this works out, because the company sounds awesome.


I am attempting to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I haven't had a lot of words yet, but I'm pretty happy with what's come out of me so far. I've had a couple of fun ideas about how to structure the story, partially inspired by a classic of horror literature that has come up repeatedly in the last month or so. Figuring out how to work it all in has been a fun challenge.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
lizziebelle: (sherlock)
I've always been a cat person. Being a Leo, that's not particularly surprising. But I do love dogs too, as well as most other animals.

On my walk yesterday, I stumbled upon an event at the Elks Club called Woofstock. The river path ends at the field behind there, and it was full of vendors and people, and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. So I wandered around taking pictures and talking with people.

They were all very well-behaved.

Last evening, it was finally clear enough to see the moon. I was very pleased to get a picture in which you can see craters!

I love my camera.

A few days ago, I was putting flannel sheets on my bed. Today, I had to turn on the a/c because it was hot! New England weather, man. You really never know what it's going to do.

At least my morning glories are still blooming. Blue is far from my favorite color, but these are so gloriously blue, I adore them.

As my former future husband is now off the market, I am now taking applications for the next candidate. At the head of the pack is Benedict Cumberbatch, as his voice can make me dissolve into a puddle of Jell-o. I foresee a Sherlock marathon in my near future...

she's back

Jun. 19th, 2014 06:17 pm
lizziebelle: (sherlock)
I got my car back today, thank goodness. It's good to have wheels again. They even gave her an oil change because she was overdue.

I had a pretty good day at work, too. Two people who said they'd call me did, so I made two sales.

And then I found out that Benedict Cumberbatch is filming a movie in Boston. OMG. He's in the same state as I am. Within an hour's drive. I can't imagine why he hasn't called. ;)

I just want him to read poetry to me. His voice (and accent) makes me melt.



Feb. 9th, 2014 06:38 pm
lizziebelle: (selfie)

green biker, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

I went for a nice long walk today, all the way up to the sculptures on the bike trail. It was relatively mild, compared with what we've had lately. I didn't manage to make it out while the sun was still shining, but that's OK. It was a good walk.

I was listening to the audiobook of Casanova, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] grrlfriday. There was much giggling. And sighing. It's just perfect.

I've been watching some of the Olympics, but so far I haven't really been wowed by anything. Some of the commentators crack me up with their enthusiasm, and a lot of them really annoy me (especially when they criticize the athletes). I understand why some people are refusing to watch; I very much disagree with the policies of Russia, too. But for me it's about the athletes, not the politics or the sponsors. They all worked hard to get there, and I want to celebrate their victories and accomplishments with them. It's not their fault that the venue is in a questionable place.

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