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A few months ago, I entered a contest at my favorite radio station to win tickets to see Green Day, and I actually won! After feeling like it was forever away for ages, the date finally arrived on Friday. What better day to see them than on Saint Patrick's Day? I was wearing green for more than one reason.

There was never any doubt who I would take with me: my awesome niece, who is a huge GD fan.


The show was in Worcester, which is much closer to me (and easier to get to) than Boston. Willow met me at my office, and we drove to downtown Worcester and parked in the garage located conveniently next door to the venue. I had a gift card for a restaurant that's across the street from there, where we had the cheese & charcuterie board. It was quite delicious!


I had only been to the DCU Center once before (when it was still called the Centrum), many years ago when I saw Paul Simon (with Willow's parents). It's a pretty large place; we were on the second level to the right of the stage. Close enough to see what was going on, but not close enough to see the performers' faces. But hey, free, so I'm not complaining!


The opening band, whose name I cannot remember, was actually pretty good. Punk, young, and energetic. You could definitely hear the influence of GD, along with the Ramones and a bit of the Alarm. The drummer was relentless, going directly from one song to another. He reminded me a bit of Dave Grohl. At one point they did stop, and the singer said that the first show he ever went to was Green Day, and it changed his life. Indeed.

And then the main event began. I have always liked Green Day, but now I love them. What an amazing show! Great light show, sparks and bangs, flames (flames!), and the music was so, so good. Billie Joe was so great. He talked a lot, urging us all to unite and stay together, fight the good fight, encouraging everyone to sing along. He totally had the crowd in his hands. Three times (three!) he brought someone up on stage with him; all three were kids in their 'tweens, and they all killed it. The first and second kids he brought up to sing, and they were both great, especially the second one, who ran around the stage and leapt off the steps that went up to the drummer. The third one was the youngest, maybe 11, and he played the guitar. Billie Joe showed him what to do, and he totally nailed it; he then proceeded to run around, playing back-to-back with the bassist and generally acting like a rock star. Best night of his life, I bet. And then Billie Joe told him he could keep the guitar! Everyone cheered.

Green Day at the DCU Center

I stood for nearly the whole show, dancing to the music. I did have to sit for a bit because my back was unhappy about standing on concrete for so long (it's still a bit sore today), but the show was so full of energy, I didn't feel tired till nearly the end. Definitely the most energetic show I've ever been to. I was afraid I'd be the oldest person there, but there were a few old fogeys like me in the crowd, and we all smiled when we caught each others' eyes. Rock & roll is ageless. Even punk. If you're at all a fan, I heartily recommend seeing Green Day live. One of the best shows I've ever been to.

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