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It's been an eventful couple of weeks since last you saw me here. I started my new job last week, and so far I like it very much there. It's a cool company (they do websites and digital marketing), and everyone has been very nice. They provide lunch for us every Thursday, and once a month we do a potluck. Today was this month's potluck, and I made lacy oatmeal cookies, which were very popular. I have to take the recipe in tomorrow so people can make copies of it. They have a wine & cheese club every other Friday at 4:00; last week I brought a nice Irish cheddar with porter, which was appreciated. There was also candied bacon and bacon-infused bourbon, in addition to other cheeses and wine. I have found my people. *g*

There's a cooler (like you see in stores) stocked with soda, seltzer, energy drinks, and beer. Yes, beer! They also have a microbrew club. There are gumball machines (for which you don't need coins) filled with Skittles, M&Ms, and pistachios. They even have a couple of Keurig machines, with all the fixings. They take good care of their employees!

It's a ten-minute commute, all on back roads so I don't have to get on the highway. I'm not sure how that's going to be when it snows, but we'll see. There are lots of shops and restaurants in the vicinity (not that I go out for lunch all that much, but it's nice to have options). There's even a lovely atrium in our building.


My second day on the phone, I got a live one. They're seriously considering us, and if we get it, it's a pretty big sale. My boss is really happy. The CEO high-fived me. I've been sitting in on the calls so I can learn the process. So many new terms to learn! It's all very interesting. I now know the difference between a CRM and a CMS. I've lost track of how many times my boss has said "Good job" to me. So nice to hear.

So yeah, lots of things to be happy about. Which makes the election and its fallout all the more heartbreaking. So much anger, so much pain. I've been spending a lot less time on social media because of it. I'm just sick over what's happening. I don't have it in me to be an organizer, but I will do everything I can to help those who are, and those who are affected. If they start registering Muslims, I will stand in line and register myself. I will stand up to hate wherever I see it. We must not allow it to take over. There are more of us than there are of them, even though they are louder.

I am doing what I can to share positive and beautiful things on Facebook, because somebody's gotta do it. Not to minimize the bad, or belittle anyone's pain, but because I believe in reminding people of the good in this world. To show what we're fighting for. Just like Samwise Gamgee.


I haven't been able to write since the election. I'm giving up on NaNoWriMo, for now. November isn't the best month for me anyway, and with all that's going on, my brain just can't get into that space right now. Maybe in January, when it's deep winter and going outside isn't as good an idea. I'm scribbling short ideas down for when I do have the brain for it.

Hopefully this weekend, I'll be able to corral some brain cells into putting together a new calendar. It's way past time for me to do that. Oh, and I found out my company did Lulu's website! Small world.

How are you all holding up? I've been reading your posts, even though I haven't been posting or commenting all that much. I'm glad we're all here.
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Last weekend was my family reunion. It's always good to see everyone, and this year we had quite a few of the cousins (my generation) attending so we managed to corral all of us and get some pictures.


There are (I think) 23 of us, so having 15 all in one place is pretty good.

Actually, one of the folks in the pic is a cousin from Germany, who was visiting with his daughter. So make that 14. Still a pretty good showing.

It was nice to meet Hannes, our German cousin. His mother and mine are first cousins. I'm not sure what that makes us; second cousins? I can never keep that straight.

Back at work on Monday, we had two days of sales meetings. Fortunately, my team didn't have to attend all the modules. It's hard for me to sit through long meetings. I need to get up and stretch, and walk around once in a while! We were supposed to all go to Dairy Queen again, but it was rather gloomy outside so they brought in ice cream & toppings, and we did make-your-own sundaes. That was fun. It was my birthday that day (Tuesday), and one of my coworkers spilled the beans so they all sang to me. That was fun, if slightly embarrassing.

After work, I met a friend at her now former house so she could give me an extra TV they had, since mine had bit the dust a while ago (all I've had to watch since then is a 13" old-fashioned tube set). Well, the darned thing is HUGE, and it was an effort for both of us to get it into the car. There it stayed until today, when my landlord dropped by (for another reason) and nicely helped me carry it upstairs, and waited while I cleared off the bookcase where we put it. Whew. I had to do some rearranging, but I think I've found a good arrangement.

I had to go to Target to pick up an HDMI cable, and after I attached all the cords I turned it on. Great picture, but no sound! That was frustrating. I called the electronics department at Target, but the guy there was little help. So I looked at the back of the cable box, and noticed there was an audio out jack (actually, a pair of them) which matched jacks on the TV. Aha! I think. So I went back to Target (it's only 5 minutes away) and bought an audio cable. It took a couple of tries in different jacks on the back of the TV (there are so many of them!), but now I have sound! And HD picture! And the thing really is huge, I think it's 40". So now I have a bigass television, and I'm watching the opening ceremonies from Rio on demand. Nice. I don't have a remote or a manual, but hey, it was free. I really can't complain.

An aside: why do the Olympic opening ceremonies have to be so weird? Who started that trend?

Last night, I got together with friends for a nice cookout-and-cocktails evening, complete with cupcakes for my birthday.


My friends are awesome. But they made me take home the leftover cupcakes. I had one for breakfast, because I could.

Oh, and the other night we had a smoke alarm malfunction in the house. Fun times.

So it's been quite the week. I hope I have the spoons for tomorrow's Lammas Faire, which is here in Hudson now.


Aug. 9th, 2015 08:39 pm
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I usually start to feel the waning of the season after my birthday (which was a week ago), but this year I felt it a few days before. Not just the days getting shorter, although they are (today the sun set before 8:00); more that the season is past its prime, and from here on out it's all downhill. My spring flowers have almost withered away, the Queen Anne's Lace has started to go to seed, and little flocks of sparrows gather in my hedge every day, chattering away about this and that. The nights are cooler, although I know, just as in March we will likely get more snow, in August and September we will still get some hot weather, so the a/c unit stays in even though it's off more than on these days. But I like having the windows open, even if it means I hear the traffic going by and the neighbors coming & going.

They say there's a big El Nino this year, which means we will have a warmer than usual winter. I'll believe it when I see it. It would be nice to have a break, though: the past three winters have been monsters, the most recent one being the biggest monster of all. And California sure could use the rain.

As I get settled into the new job, my brain is starting to think about other things, and story bits are bobbing to the surface more often. I had a flash the other day at work, and quickly typed it into Evernote on my phone so I wouldn't lose it. I'm starting to get back into writing mode, when for months it took such a back seat that it was almost invisible. Never quite gone, as the story is always whirling around some part of my brain, but never quite ready to come out and play, either. Another fun side-effect of depression, I suppose. Which I'm slowly climbing out of, as things get a little better day by day. I'm reading more lately, which always leads to writing, and now that the weather's less beastly hot, I can get out walking more, too. That always gets the writer-brain going as well.

I've spent the last two weekends doing pretty much nothing, which I really needed. Next weekend is a quick trip to NYC for [livejournal.com profile] grrlfriday's big birthday bash, but that's it for a while. I need my weekends to unclench.


Jul. 29th, 2015 06:46 pm
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My family reunion was held last weekend in (actually just outside) Binghamton, NY. There were plenty of laughs, lots of food, and much silliness. Here is a shot of my cousin [livejournal.com profile] grrlfriday and me taking double selfies in front of the clan, who are gathering for the annual group shot. Meta meta meta.


Said cousin gave me a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, which made me scream for about ten seconds straight and then sent me into paroxysms of laughter. I cannot even believe such a thing exists, and yet it does. It's like Tiger Beat in coloring book form.


Things are still going well at the new job. This week, the whole sales team is here for the second-half kickoff, and last night they took us all out to a nice restaurant. I had a couple of mojitos, we shared some apps (included toasted ravioli and some really good mussels), and as my main course I had a lobster roll, because why not? It was on the company. I got to meet the two sales reps I've been working with (they work from home, one in NJ and one in, I think, Kansas), and they both had very nice things to say about me. I like working with both of them, and now I have faces to go with the voices on the phone.

They had us join them this morning for part of the meeting, where our CEO sang for us (it was hilarious: she made up new words to "The Greatest Love of All") and they fed us a hot breakfast, and lunch too. Later this afternoon, they invited us along to a Mexican restaurant (I declined; it's not on the company this time, and I'm still recovering from last night) and then bowling. This is such a fun company. Just before I left, the CEO came around with a box and handed out tie-dyed company t-shirts. I so fit in there!

After the meeting, one of the reps who works on site said my reps were raving about me to her last night. Another one was disappointed I wasn't going bowling with them because she wanted to get to know me better. Neither of them has said so much as "boo" to me before. It makes me feel really good to hear people are talking about me, and in a good way. I am a Leo, after all. ;)
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Tomorrow morning, very early, we leave for Sirius Rising festival. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm excited about teaching workshops, and I really need to get away. It's been a tough year. But things are getting better!

My second week on the phones was just as successful. One day, I made four appointments! I had at least one every day, for a total of ten for the week. Next month's commission will be nice.

After looking at the color for a couple of months, I finally decided to buy something called "Violet Vixen" for my hair (L'Oréal Feria brand) since I have a job now so I don't have to worry about interviews anymore. I want to have purple hair at least once in my life, you know? So I did it this morning. It's not really purple; more like plum. It looks much brighter and redder in the sun. Here it is, before I got it cut this afternoon:


It's shorter and spikier now. I think "Violet Vixen" is now my superhero name.

The job

Jul. 2nd, 2015 09:50 pm
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I love when the sky is this color

I just finished my second week at the new job. So far, I like it very much. My first day, my boss and her boss took me and the other new gal out for lunch at Not Your Average Joe's, which is right next door to the office. I had shrimp tacos, because why not. I'd never eaten there before; it was quite good.

The other new gal is very young (my niece's age!), and she's a retail refugee. She's also Pagan and a writer, so we have a lot in common. We were in training all last week, with a guy who I like very much. He's funny, informal, and very good at his job. We got through the training a day early. We started on the phones Friday afternoon after spending a few hours getting to know the scripts. They let us tweak them however we thought would work best for us. Such a difference from the old job!

My job is basically calling potential customers and trying to get appointments with them for the sales reps. Most of the appointments are phone consultations. We provide trainers for all sorts of things, from software applications to business skills, as well as project management and other services. I've been calling banking & finance businesses, and academic institutions. I will also be calling training centers and staffing agencies.

On Monday, my first full day on the phones, I got two appointments. Yippee! On Tuesday, I also got two appointments. Yeehaw! On Wednesday, I got, yes, two appointments. This is not how it usually goes, I am told. I got a "great job" email from my boss, cc'd to her boss and her boss's boss. I'm getting a reputation as a Rock Star, which is gratifying and scary (will I be able to keep this up? Oh, the pressure!) (Mostly from myself, they've not indicated that they expect me to do this every day). The VP of sales told me today that I'm doing a great job, and he loves how I am on the phone. I told him that this is not my first rodeo. *g*

The owner of the company took our whole team out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant yesterday. I had sushi. A gal could get used to this sort of thing.

I really like everyone there. My desk is in a row with five guys who are sports fanatics, but they're good guys. The dude next to me is the brother of the one who trained us, and he's been very helpful. They're not into micro-managing; they treat us like professionals and adults. So refreshing!

Today I only got one appointment, but we did have a couple of meetings so I was off the phones a bit. And they let us go home at 4:00. It was a very satisfying week. And now I have a three-day weekend to enjoy (and do laundry, and pack for festival). My job's not rocket science, but it's not easy, either. But I can do it, and do it well, and it's both noticed and appreciated. It's just what I'd hoped it would be.
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One of my co-workers, a guy who's been there a few years, tells a story about taking a chance on calling businesses that you wouldn't think would sign up for BBB Accreditation. There was a business in his leads that did nothing but make pineapple soda. Didn't even sell it to the public, just wholesale. But he thought, what the heck, it can't hurt to try, right? So he called, and the guy was delighted that the BBB had called him and was happy to sign up.

I get a lot of leads that I don't like to call. Lawyers, dentists, daycare centers, realtors. They're all a really tough sell. But sometimes I'll just go through my leads and think, pineapple soda. On Friday I sold a preschool, and today I sold a travel agent. First time for both with me. Both are businesses that I wouldn't have sought out to call, but there they were in my leads, and I thought, what the heck. Why not? Sometimes it pays to take a chance.


The weekend was a full one. On Saturday, I went out to Monson to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the parent coven of my tradition. 40 years! That's quite a feat. There were lots of sister and cousin covens in attendance, nearly 50 of us. Although I'm no longer an active member of my group, they're still my family, and I was pleased to be there. It was nice to celebrate the Solstice with a big group of people who knew what they were doing. The above pic is Lucille, owned by the host of the event. I didn't take my camera (shocking, I know), so I took a bunch of pix with my phone. I was pretty pleased with the results.

On Sunday, I went down to Canton to my fabulous niece's graduation party. It had an Alice in Wonderland theme, and was really fun. Late in the afternoon, though, I completely ran out of steam, and left a bit early. The smoke from the grill had started to bother my mom (who's asthmatic), so she was happy to leave anyway. I'm glad I got to go and celebrate with them, though. And there were cupcakes. :)

she's back

Jun. 19th, 2014 06:17 pm
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I got my car back today, thank goodness. It's good to have wheels again. They even gave her an oil change because she was overdue.

I had a pretty good day at work, too. Two people who said they'd call me did, so I made two sales.

And then I found out that Benedict Cumberbatch is filming a movie in Boston. OMG. He's in the same state as I am. Within an hour's drive. I can't imagine why he hasn't called. ;)

I just want him to read poetry to me. His voice (and accent) makes me melt.



Feb. 13th, 2014 08:05 pm
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BBB, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

Rather than complain about the weather (again), I thought I'd show you this fun thing we did at work. They asked people to pose with their passion to show the human side of the BBB, so of course I brought my camera. My boss posed with her grandson, both in Bruins jerseys for their love of hockey. Another co-worker brought in her dog. We posed in front of a green screen, and got to choose the background. Well, sort of; I asked for woods. A park is just as accurate, though.

They put the pix up on our Facebook page; I'm not sure where else they'll go, perhaps on our website.

Here is the pic I took of Ryan while he was taking my picture:

You can see the reflection of the green screen in his lens!

It was fun, and a nice change from the usual. BBB is a pretty cool place to work.


Dec. 22nd, 2013 07:55 pm
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tracks in the snow, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

It's been a mostly interesting few days. Interesting in a mostly good way. I had a good week at work, making five sales for the first time in a while. Made it through two snowstorms with little trouble. It got warm at the end of the week and much of the snow melted. Friday was our company holiday luncheon; they took us to a Japanese steakhouse, which was fun. I'd never been to one before. Unfortunately, we got the one chef who decided to cook on just the one grill (there were two for each table) and of course it was the one on the other side from me. My boss, who was sitting next to me, was not happy about that. But our CEO gave us each a card with two movie tickets in it, so I wasn't too upset.

My Solstice day was quiet and nice. I took a walk along the rail trail, pictured above. It was nice to see the sun. I'm looking forward to the lengthening days ahead.

I went to see the Hobbit movie with friends this afternoon, and then we went to Bertucci's for some lovely mushroom & asiago pizza. Yum. I liked this film better than the first one, and even though it diverges quite wildly from the book, it was entertaining. The dragon is incredible, and of course has the voice of one of my favorite actors (Benedict Cumberbatch). It could have used more Martin Freeman/Bilbo, though. It is his story, after all.

It's going to be a mixed-up week, with Christmas falling smack in the middle, but somehow I'll muddle through. Right now, I must bake shortbread and wrap up my boss' gift. Happy Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, holiday-of-your-choice!

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winter geese, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

I've spent most of the weekend indoors, as it's suddenly winter here. Today it didn't get much above 20 degrees, with a wicked wind that sounded very cold. I did get out for a bit yesterday, walking down to the river where the geese floated serenely, unaware of what was coming.

It actually snowed a little bit overnight, just a dusting which got mostly blown away during the day.

I spent much of yesterday parked in front of the telly, watching Doctor Who. I loved the 50th Anniversary special, which I won't spoil for those of you who haven't seen it yet. I was clapping and grinning from ear to ear at the end. I'm going to see it in 3D at the theatre tomorrow night with a couple of friends, and I can't wait to see their reactions!

It's going to be a short workweek; we have three days off for Thanksgiving, which will be nice. But the pressure will be on for Monday and Tuesday to make sales, because it'll be the end of the selling month for us. Cross your fingers for me! I need all the luck I can get.

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sugar skull pumpkin, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

This is my favorite holiday. I love all the trappings, the decorations, the costumes. I also love the ancient meaning, honoring the dead and remembering them.

We had a pumpkin decorating contest at work this week, and my boss roped me into it. We couldn't cut, pierce, or puncture them. I had a brain flash on Monday: paint a Mexican sugar skull on it! This is the result. Not too shabby for using cheap poster paint and an eyeliner brush. There were so many really clever and artistic entries, it was hard to choose! I was glad she made me do it; it was fun.

I didn't wear a costume as such today, but I did wear a few fun things to liven things up a bit.

Happy Halloween!

I think I frightened the guy who made my sandwich at the café a little bit. *g*

This was a do-or-die month for sales, and I did, and did well. I ended up with one over my goal, and as a department we went well over our goal. I'm pretty sure they promised us a nice lunch if we made it. Woot! And, phew! I need a few more good weeks to catch up, but I'm getting there.

I did my annual tarot reading for myself (with my Halloween tarot deck, natch) and the results were promising. I'll take it. I'm trying to be more positive, less anxious. That's my goal for the coming year.

This weekend, I will have been in this apartment for a year. I can't believe it's been a year already. It just doesn't seem possible. The years, the go by faster and faster.

May your upcoming year be happy, healthy, and prosperous!

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getting colorful, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

I finally had a really good week at work, sales-wise. I was getting worried, actually, because my sales were way down (as were everyone else's). I needed to have a good week. Not only can I breathe a sigh of relief, but it's energizing. Instead of dreading tomorrow, I'm looking forward to jumping back in.

It's been a rather dreary weekend, which is disappointing because the trees are rather colorful right now. We're a week or two from peak color, but there's a lot of red, orange and gold out there right now. I went for a walk yesterday and snapped a few shots, but they'd look a lot better if the sun had been shining.

Next weekend, I will be in the Berkshires with a bunch of my honeys. Jay will be visiting while he's on break from touring with Wicked, and he's rented a house for the week and invited all and sundry to come hang out. It will be great to see him, and hang out with the gang. It will probably be peak color up there in the hills. I hope we get some sunshine!

hot anxiety

Jul. 5th, 2013 12:43 pm
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crazy cat, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

They gave us today off, for which I'm thankful. I needed a nice, long weekend. I have so much to do before camp! Laundry, packing, making sure everything is there and works.

It's been really hot. I've been hiding out in my apartment, not wanting to go out after late morning. I got all my errands done by 10 this morning, one good side-effect of being unable to sleep late. I even did some weeding in the garden, after which I was literally dripping.

Speaking of the garden, I think I've given up on ever having sunflowers. Those doggone woodchucks ate the rest of them, even after I deployed ammonia and mothballs. I wanted to cry when I found them all nibbled down to stubs the other evening. I'm tired of providing an all-you-can-eat buffet for varmints.

It's been a stressful week. Sales were not good in June, and money was getting tight. I wasn't sure I would have the money to go to camp. Turns out I can do it, but just barely, and I will be poor for much of the summer to make up for it unless I have fantastic sales for the rest of July.

Pretty much the whole department had a bad June, which made our monthly sales meeting uncomfortable. My personal meeting with my boss and supervisor went better than I expected, though. They told me I was a good employee, and they appreciated the fact that I stay out of the gossip machine and don't stir up trouble. That was nice to hear, and I told them I appreciated them noticing. My boss rocks.

I've also been dealing with digestive issues, which stir up more anxiety, which makes them worse, in a vicious circle. Today things are much better, which is a relief. Now, if only I could sleep!

The above pic is my friends' cat Izzie, who rolled over and yawned just as I aimed my phone at him through the screen door, making him look positively manic. Silly beast.

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yellow dots, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

We keep going back and forth between almost spring and winter again. Today it was barely above freezing, with cold rain and sleet. I took this shot of pussy willows yesterday, when it was more tolerable.

We had eight (eight!) new people start this week, and yesterday they had each of them sit with one of us to see how we work. I had two different guys sit with me for an hour or so each, and later one of the gals asked to sit with me because she'd heard I was good with the script. A compliment, yes, but didn't you know I finally got hold of someone to pitch to just after she got up to go to the ladies room! She got back in time to hear the end, but didn't get to hear me do the actually spiel. Oh, well.

But yeah, they all wanted to ask me questions, because I had a great week last week and I'm the star (so far) this month. So I'm finally the popular girl. *g*

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pussy willow, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

I've been walking on my lunch break, even though it's been cold & windy the past couple of days. Today I was rewarded with a pussy willow sighting near my office. I love pussy willows - a sure sign of spring around the corner!

I also went for a walk after supper, along the river. I found skunk cabbage emerging from the muck, and spotted a great blue heron on the way back home. I wonder if it's the same one I saw last summer, farther down the river by the library?

I've been having a pretty good week at work: 2 sales each day so far! That's pretty darned good. One was a company I've bought things from in the past. Of course, I told her that! I'll have to make sure I go there next time I need something they sell.

I need to have a good month. March was disappointing, for our whole company. The weather really worked against us.

Oh, and yay! I'll get to go home at noon on Friday!


Jan. 16th, 2013 07:16 pm
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Three amigos, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

We got a few inches of snow this morning, turning our part of the world into a winter wonderland. It changed over to light rain eventually, but the snow stayed, looking as pretty as ever. I ventured out at lunchtime and took a few shots of it.

This morning, the boss lady said that anyone who got a sale before noon would get a free lunch from the cafe. I got a sale at around 11:40. :)

Still here

Nov. 20th, 2012 06:31 pm
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...and tomorrow, I get Internet at home, so I don't have to steal moments at work, or go to the library, to check my email. I've been listening to audiobooks (I scored the first five Harry Potter books on tape at a yard sale, for free) and watching DVDs (Firefly from my collection, and Buffy from the library). I will be glad to have TV and Internet again. I miss my shows, the few I've managed to keep up with. Especially Castle and Once Upon a Time.

Reason #547 that my job rocks: I have the next five days off. Three of them paid. Also, I am a rockstar there this week; I had two sales yesterday, and a two-fer today (two sales from one call - they had two shops, which did slightly different things, so they applied for both separately. And yes, they knew they would be paying for both, and it was even her idea). They had a contest for the week, which I won, and it was a ridiculously large box of chocolates, which I shared with the whole office, and there's still a bunch left. It's getting divvied out to friends and family over the weekend, because I do NOT want it in my house! You'd have to roll me down the stairs if I ate all that chocolate.

I have unpacked nearly all the boxes; the only ones left are ephemera that I haven't decided what to do with. Go me. It looks like an apartment and not a warehouse now. I do like it there, and I'm loving the five-minute commute. My co-workers are all jealous. I tell them I used to have a 23-mile commute, so this is my reward. I will be especially thankful when it snows.

I hope all of you who are celebrating have a lovely Thanksgiving. I'll be celebrating with friends, a small gathering this year. I'll go to mom's on Friday for leftovers. Gobble gobble!

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perfect spot, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

Went to start my car this morning, and discovered that I'd left the lights on. Since Friday. O_o Thank goodness for housemates with jumper cables, and AAA since my commute isn't long enough to charge the battery. I drove around for half an hour and found out where a couple of the roads nearby go. Confirmed that my sense of direction is very good. Mom says I get that from her father. :)

The family reunion was fun, as usual. This shot was everyone's favorite; it's the pond behind the house, with an incredible sky and my cousin Joanna painting on an easel. We are a creative family. :)

We did s'mores twice, and the second time I noted that we should be singing campfire songs, which my cousin [livejournal.com profile] grrlfriday took to mean "sing karaoke" and proceeded to belt out "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (which I joined in on) (we are both Leos, after all).


I also managed to spill coffee on myself and my desk today, after which I cried "Uncle!" to Mercury, who is presently retrograde. Oh, he is a trickster all right.

Made calls for the first time at work, and had one person who was interested but about to go on holiday (and you'd be surprised by the number of travel agents who have British accents here in Massachusetts), so I sent her a flyer and put her in the calendar to call back next week. She sounded quite interested. Getting used to the lingo; selling BBB services is similar to but also different from selling advertising. Soon it'll be rolling off the tongue, but today the tongue got a bit tied in places. Also Mercury's fault, of course. ;)

Starting to come back to myself as I get used to going to work every day, and being happy about it. Seeing the family was good, too. Once a year isn't often enough. It's hard when everyone is so far-flung.

Discovered the perfect pillow at my aunt's over the weekend; it's from Ikea, so I foresee a trip down there next time I'm at Mom's. My neck will thank me. It's been cranky lately.

what a week

Nov. 4th, 2011 06:36 pm
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Grumble, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

We finally got our phones and internet/email back today. What a crazy week! Some of my coworkers still don't have power. The attorney general is looking into the response by the utilities. We kept getting robocalls at the office from the police and town offices about safety and where to get info. Which, if you don't have power, you won't get. Duh.

I did remember to take Daphne in to work, and since we didn't need her, I updated a few things on her. She now has the latest versions of Firefox and iTunes. Now I just have to figure out how to disconnect iTunes from my cousin, whose computer Daphne used to be. Oops.

It felt like the longest week ever. Hopefully things will be mostly back to normal by Monday. I feel badly for the folks who are still in the dark (and cold).

I hope everyone's weekend is just fabulous!

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