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It's been an interesting morning around here. There are a few other staunch progressives here, but there are also a few rabid conservatives who are very unhappy. Well, now they know how we've felt for the past eight years. For the first time in a very long time, I actually have hope for this country instead of despair. I really wish these folks had actually listened to both McCain and Obama's speeches last night; both were calling for unity.

I was watching MSNBC last night (and switching occasionally over to the local station to check on the local races), while jumping around from Facebook to Twitter to LJ on the 'puter. It was all too much. I switched off the 'puter at 10:30.

Highlights for me: when they called PA for Obama, and I had real hope that we could really do this; when they called OH for him, and I knew we could do it; when, at 11:00, they called the election for him, and I saw all of those cheering crowds, and Jesse Jackson with tears running down his cheeks, and I teared up myself. Wow. We really did it. My country is back.

It was lovely to see all the jubilant posts this morning. Yay, we won, they all said. Yes, we can. Yes, we did! I am so looking forward to having a President I can be proud of. I heart Michelle, too, and the girls. And they're getting a puppy! That was so sweet. *snif*

I am very disappointed in the Proposition 8 outcome in California. I think it sets a dangerous precedent to be taking civil rights away from any one group, and writing discrimination into the constitution. That is so not what this country is about.

I'm really tired today, but I'm glad I stayed up to watch the whole thing, especially Obama's speech. It was truly inspiring.

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